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Rockshaft issues

I had the same problem with my 955. The Rockshaft would lose all hydraulic pressure and was so loose and floppy as to appear like the shaft was broken. In my case I did rebuild the rockshaft control valve the first time it happened but the real problem was twofold: it was low on hydraulic fluid. The dipstick arrangement on my Deere just does not tell you the amount of hydraulic oil in the system..way too much dipstick tube oil to accurately tell. As it turned out mine was quite low. Secondly I was running a log splitter off the rear hydraulics...this thieved so much oil as to not charge the rockshaft system until all the oil had been utilized by the splitter. You mention nothing about the circumstances related to losing rockshaft lift, so I thought i would throw out there the log splitter issue.
Also are other hydraulics working, like the loader or the power steering? Is this a ehydromatic or manual transmission 4520?
Take lots of digital pix as you tear down, it really helps on re-assembly, which is typically about 2-3 weeks after disassembly, way beyond my short term memory:flag_of_truce:
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