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My son has a YouTube channel and has been putting together some cool videos. We decided since I hadn't seen a wheel weight install video online, we would make one. Also want to give an epic shout out to Kirk and Lonestar weights for a great product, price, and complete experience. Most details and info are in the video but would definitely like to put in a great word for Lonestar Weights out of Texas.

Their customer service from the beginning was impeccable and the communications were patient and prompt!

The weights came very well packaged on a tractor trailer. We had him meet us out on the highway about 2 miles from our house and the transfer was a piece of cake.

I added some extra suitcase weights for counter balance on my BB to fill the order to just over 1000# which got shipping very cheap for an amazing total price per pound! I won't have any problem selling my few extra suitcase weights that I won't need, at my cost.

If you don't want to watch the video, or prefer a picture or two or other details, please let me know. I'll add to this thread as needed if I missed any other details.

Also be sure to hit my son up with a like, comment and subscribe on his channel Southern Indiana Outdoors
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