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455 Deck Hanging Issues

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Since this is my first post, I first want to just give a quick "hello" to everyone..It looks like I've found a great resource for any problems with my JD....

Ok, I am having problems with getting my front Deck Hanger/Draft Arms, etc... to hook into the large hooks on the front of my mower attachment. No matter what I've tried so far, it seems that I am just 2-3 inches short of being able to properly connect the hanger to the mower. The back is held on just fine, it's just the front that's the problem. Any suggestions on what I should look at/check before I call for a JD mobile repair unit to take a look? Thanks!
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Yeah, I was kind of disappointed I only got to use my snowplow blade/chains twice this winter season... And yes, it's apparently called the front draft arm. I assume it's the correct arm, since it used to seem to fit just fine. I'm going to double-check to make sure I am not doing something really dumb, like putting it on backwards or something of that nature. I'll keep on plugging away at it, and thanks for you help.
I think JD refers to the part as the front draft arm. Have you had the mower on your tractor before so you know it has the correct arm? When I put the deck on my 445, I leave it completely lowered and connect the links to the large hooks. The draft arms work on an over-center arrangement. If you insert the cross shaft of the pivot on the front into the hooks on the front of the tractor, you should be able to secure the lock by moving toward the rear. I am envious. I still have the blade and chains on my tractor waiting for the next snow.
Hey, Brian...Yes, those pics (esp the 3rd one) are exactly what I'm refering to in my situation...I certainly hope I did something dumb like trying to attach it upside down, but I haven't had more time to mess w/it yet. I'll be trying to re-attach it by tomorrow night so that I can avoid the cost of having the JD dealer come out w/their mobile repair unit only to tell me it's something dumb I did...An expensive price to pay for nothing! Thanks, and I'll let everyone know how it turns our tomorrow night.
I am not sure if I understand your issue. It looks like Dave posted the rear section above. Is it that section you are having issue with or the front hanger? I have posted pictures of the front hanger connected to my 445 (gas version of your tractor).

Might you have it upside down, or? Let me know and I can take pictures of whatever part or hook up you need.
I don't have pics right at the moment, but I could easily take some if it comes down to that...I've since found out they are called the front draft arms..The mower itself seems to be fine. Thanks for your imput!
Welcome Aboard!
I'm not familiar with the 455, but would you have any pictures?
I found this Parts breakdown of the Lift Linkage over at
Which pieces are you referring to?
Well, I'm both happy (and embarassed) to report that I had actually been putting the #@%& thing on backwards, as was asked about by one or two people. I am happy to say you were right, and when I put it on using pics posted here as a guide, it took all of about 10 sec for it to latch on perfectly. I'm just so glad for you guys on here to suggest that, especially since it saved me a fortune by avoiding a visit by the JD mobile worktruck! Thanks again everyone for the assistance.
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