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455 GT Overcharges Battery

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I have two 455's and they both overcharge the battery. When I start either tractor, the voltage is around 14 volts and then gradually increases to around 15.5 or higher. I tried a voltage regulator off a 425 and it had the same result. Both tractors are in the -040000 serial number range and have the 20 Amp Denso alternator.

So...... I checked JD Parts and they show the AM126304 Voltage Regulator is a substitute for M97348. See DTAC Solution 46546. Does anyone have access to this DTAC Solution?

My SWAG is that the AM126304 is the solution to the problem. but I don't want to spend $70 if I am not sure.

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Do you have a part # or any more info on this "kit"? Was it in fact a new regulator? My new to me 455 has a new battery and is wet all over the top as well. Thanks
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