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That all sounds great. And I do understand your position, even though, I dont completely agree with you.
1. Under copyright laws, when you purchase a published book, CD etc. it is for your personal use only. (unless you pay for additional license etc.) Your not supposed to resell or purchase used........
2. If a company would sell the manuals. (CD or PAPER) at a reasonable rate, especially for their older equipment, there would not be near the market in place for hacked copies.....

Sad to say, though, the way the markets are going, its going to get worse. We purchased a new Honda Passport.... No factory service manuals available to buy. Instead, you can pay an annual subscription of $300.00 to view online.
It seems some of these companies do not want us working on our own vehicles.
Just my opinion
If you want to buy operators and service manuals from Deere directly, you can use the link coaltrain provided.

At the link, type in 455 in the box and then scroll down to the 455 tractors and select the link for your serial number.
Operators manuals can be downloaded free at the Deere link.

You can get paper or download the pdf or order the cd for service (Technical Manuals) manuals.

Parts book is live online so no need for a paper copy.

I'm a fan of paper or pdf TM's since they are onetime purchase, but fwiw, the advantage of a subscription version is that the version being looked at can always include the latest updates.

Shop rates as high as they are most places today, it doesn't take long to pay for.
Kinda like adding 'special' tools to the collection when necessary.
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