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4600 leaky fuel after running

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My 4600 leaks fuel after I run it and park it. If I do not shut the fuel off at the filter it leaks all over my barn floor and stinks. When I got the tractor in October I had to replace all the injectors as the tubes on top were rotted out and leaking. I replaced all the lines on the injectors back to the pump. I am wondering if I lost the cap at the back of the engine where the first injector is. Anyway do I have a fuel pressure build up problem why does this keep happening what could cause it? any suggestions?
see attached picture, this is just sitting overnight.
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thats quite a bit of leakage.......if it were mine i would pull it in on a dry floor lay out cardboard etc.......and find exactly where it is leaking from .....and fix it .....there really isnt many places it can leak from.......i would suspect the fuel filter area probably from the fuel filter cover not being tightened correctly .......second suspect would be the fuel pump leaking around the hand pump area
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Should not be too hard to find. Start at the tank, look at all fittings, the seam on the tank too. Then work your way to the injectors.
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