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Good information.

Chains are going to make a big difference. I cant blow snow without a ballast box as it just doesn't cut it. With the blower down is fair but as soon as I have to raise the blower I have no rear tractor.

When blowing I am full throttle.

Do you have a chute cap adjuster? Sorry if I missed that. I would hate blowing with out one. Most the time I don't have to blow far and if you can keep the cap choked down low it sure keeps a lot of the snow out of your face.

What you found with turning and the 47" blower is why I always try to talk people into the larger blower. It still does it on sharp turns but for most normal turns is OK.

That is strange about the pins coming out. I have to say my pins don't drop all the way in as easily as I would like them and I have actually got one in before and took off waiting for the other one to pop in. Guess I better not do that anymore.
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