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4720 and Food Plots

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I started working on foodplots for my FIL today.


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Looks like it worked up pretty good. Good pictures. Thanks,
I am doing the same right now. Just planted my soy beans, turnips, read beats and some new clover.

Looks good! Did you spray that grass prior to tilling?
Looks like you have the right equipment for the job. Oh, and you missed a spot.:laugh:
No we did not spray, only mowed the grass down low.

Where I "missed" is some other plants to save for the deer.
have you ever heard of the implement called "plotmaster". i am wondering because i might get one for my 4720
Yes I have heard of a plotmaster. Looks like a great toy...(tool). :thumbup1gif:
i dont know how much they cost?? i guess i will go to the dealer tomorrow and find out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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