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48" tensioner arm breaking

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X360 w/ 48" deck, the arm for the secondary deck belt has broken twice now and I'm having difficulty understanding why. Anyone else have this happen? Machine has 350 hours now. M163788 is the part number. It doesn't get hit or anything when the deck is serviced. Belt runs smooth.
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That's a piece of round steel wire that has been bent and stamped. Then it's plated.
Likely no heat treating.
$20.03 at my local JD Dealer.
Buy a couple and hang them on the garage wall.
As soon as you have spare parts waiting, you will never have one fail again.
And if you break one again, you'll have a spare handy.

As to why it breaks, it isn't strong enough to do the job it was originally designed to do.
Of course I'm assuming you can change the $20 part yourself.
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