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2013 4120 eHydro, 400x, 448 backhoe, 2021 X739, 54” mulching deck, 54” snow blade
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Here is the saga of my backhoe install. It’s pretty long, but I hope that future readers will see that it’s possible to keep these older tractors working if you do the research. Keep in mind when you look at pricing, that the Australian dollar values are roughly double the USD when the exchange rate and shipping is included. Grab a coffee as this runs to quite a long story.
I have an early 1999 model 4300 HST with the folding ROPS. It has the 420 loader with the 300CX 3rd Function hose and piping (BW13168), a 4 in 1 bucket and R4 Industrial tyres.
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I read extensively to ensure the 485 would fit, and that the good price offered gave contingency for the unknowns. It came 2,175 miles (3,500km) from Perth, Western Australia (picture Los Angeles to Atlanta, or Paris to Athens). At $5000AUD it’s the equivalent of $2500USD.
Technically, to install a 485 on a 4200, 4300 or 4400 series, you need to install the Power Beyond hydraulics PBY (LVB25221), the Rockshaft Assist plates RSA (BM19564), the Heavy Duty Subframe (LVB24795) and the tractor must have a front-end loader attached. The 485 must have the right weldment, which is the BH side of the RSA mounting system. JD parts says LVB26163 for the 4000 series and LVB25613 for the 3x20, I assume mine has the 3x20 series, as it is a 2016 build and had the 3x20 series RSA kit, but either way it fits fine as the RSA profile is the same for the BH attachment.
Awesome series of posts! Congrats on a job well done...

Sounds like you got a great price on the 485, at the current exchange rate that’s about $3900 USD. I paid a similar amount for my 448 recently and had to drive 12 hours round trip to pick it up 😬

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