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Hi All,
With the suggestions of folks who post a Green Tractor I was able to correct the issues with the K46C tranny.
After I put the tranny back in and hooked up the deck, it's a convertible 48C deck, I flipped the PTO up and gave it a whirl-it was all good.

When I came back to the garage and flipped the PTO off, the deck belt was still turning at low speed, makes a lot of noise. I looked at the belt, pully's and
it all looked good. All i did was rehook it up. I got on JD's web site and looked at the manual, wasn't much help.

What is weird about this deck, the belt off the motor shaft, both sides of the belt go through the same guide to the deck, i've never seen that before. Maybe
I have one side of the belt through the wrong guide.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

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