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I don’t know when, but if I’d have to guess I would assume it might be a while.
Here’s why I say that.
Deere has recently updated the 7, 8 & 9 series.
8 & 9 series are Waterloo built.
6 & 7 series are Mannheim built, and the 6 hasn’t been updated yet. I’m thinking it might be next to be updated.
The 3 & 4 series are likely the lowest production numbers out of all the series (1-9), so likely the lowest priority for an update.
Anyone is welcomed to correct me on any of this if they know better.
This “updated” 1 series was shown at Agritechnia in Germany in 2019 and still hasn’t been released.

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I sure hope we get a bigger cab.
Whenever they do get around to updating the 3 and 4 series machines .
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