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4x20 Coolant Leak

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So one day about a week ago I go out to my shop and find a green puddle under my 4520(a 2009 w/166 hrs.). It started high near the top radiator hoseand ran down the front cover to the floor. Man, I was fumed. I finally get something new and it needs work. Anyways, the dealer comes and gets it to perform the warranty work. No big deal so far.
I called them a few days later for an update and they tell me the head is off it because there is a JD bulletin about coolant leaks between the head and the front cover. The water outlet on the head needs to be milled flat and an updated gasket put in between the two.
My tractor has been violated.
Anyways, 4x20 owners watch your stuff carefully before warranty runs out.
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Leaks and issues like that are one reason I prefer to buy new-warranty. Seems like if there is to be an issue, it will be in the first year or so. Went out to the shop yesterday and spotted a small puddle of hdro fluid under the 3520. Well, as anyone who has had to trace a very small leak knows, fluids migrate back and forth as they drip down over the various parts and the breeze from the radiator fan tends to send them in odd places. Think I finally found it coming from where the rubber manifold attaches to the top of the power steering pump. Cleaned the area, moved the band clamp around a bit, and tried to get it to do it while I was watching. Nope, it's one of those things that only happen when your back is turned. Guess I'll take the tractor out and work it in the cold to see if it'll repeat. As it is I hate to call the dealer and say I HAD a leak, fix it.
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