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50" deck - strengthening ideas?

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My 332 came with a 50" deck that is pretty beat up on the discharge side. The front lower edge has been pushed back to the point where the blade has made contact with it. The lower support bar is completely gone. After looking around for a while for a possible replacement, it seems to be a very common problem. Most are in just as bad condition, if not worse. So I was thinking that if I was going to spend time repairing it, why not figure out a way to strengthen it to avoid future problems. I obviously don't plan on running it into things, but it really seems to be an inherent weak spot. So I guess my question is has anyone done anything to strengthen one before? Or does anyone have an ideas to strengthen it? My 60" deck off my 4110 has sparked some ideas in my head, but I thought I just put it out there to see what ideas others may have. Thanks.
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If you just straightened things out to where they should be,you probably wouldn't have anymore problems. But if you wanted to strengthen that front edge,you could weld a piece of flat bar,like 1/4" x 3" or 4" acrossed it. Maybe even something 1/8" thick will do just fine.

I guess I was a lucky one,my 316 came with a 50,and it didn't have a dent anywhere.

That thing was really abused. You know,it doesn't matter how old something is,there is no excuse for that kind of treatment. Then again,maybe age had nothing to do with it, and everything they had was run hard.:nunu:

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