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jeffreybandel asked me about my friend who changed his HP on his 2012 5045E to the HP of the 5065E. I finally remembered to ask him what was required to do this.
He changed the Turbo and the injectors to the ones the 5065E calls for. He sent the injection pump to a diesel pump repair shop and had the pump adjusted and calibrated to the 5065E specifications. The pumps are the same between the models but the calibration is set differently. The Turbo and the injectors are different.
I drove his tractor before and after he made these changes. It made a world of difference. His 5045E now runs as well as my 2012 5065E. No, I didn't ask him what the cost was to do this. He bought his tractor from a dealer who was going out of business. What he saved on the price of the tractor more than paid for the upgrade and then some.
My friend is a retired heavy equipment and truck mechanic. Obviously he did all the work himself.
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