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5045E Tuning

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I inherited a 2012 5045E. It's a great low hour tractor. I want to buy a Woods batwing. It requires 34hp at the PTO. This tractor produces 37hp at the PTO. I know enough to know that it won't work pulling up hills where I live (unless I crawl).

I wonder if anyone has had success tuning it to increase the HP? I think an extra 15hp would work.
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Simple. Change the injectors, injector pump and the turbo to 5065 parts. I have a friend who did exactly that and his 5045 runs as good as my 5065. How much mowing do you have to do that you think you need a Batwing mower?
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I personally don't know enough about this particular model to offer help. But I am sure there is a way, however you may come out dollars ahead by just trading up. Depending on where you are at, 5 Series are more plentiful used than subcompacts in some markets.

But I like the post above. If its not a computer controlled engine, swapping injectors, adding fuel pressure and turbos/intercoolers will work, think like those guys that do tractor pulls. Doesn't sound real practical for a field tractor to me though, I am pretty sure the old 70s and early 80s tractors had options for juicing them up, a 2012... I don't know.
There is a bit of a back story here I should share with you. I ordered my 2012 5065 E in the spring of 2012. At the same time my friend was looking at new tractors. When I brought my tractor home he looked it over and drove it and liked it. We had a JD dealer which was going out of business about 20 miles north of us and they had a 5045E in stock they were willing to discount heavily to move it out. My friend made a deal with the dealer and bought the 5045E. After using the tractor a short while he decided he would like a little more horsepower as he was using it in his woods pulling logs, loading the bucket full with firewood and plowing his steep driveway.
My friend retired a short while ago from our state dept. of transportation as a heavy vehicle mechanic. When it comes to diesel engines he knows them inside and out. After doing his homework he ordered everything he would need to convert his 5045 engine to a 5065 engine. He did this in his own garage in a weekend.
Between the discount he got on his tractor and the fact he did all the work himself he ended up with a higher HP tractor and still saved a few thousand dollars. He has nearly 1000 hours on the tractor now and hasn't had a lick of problems with it except for a bad starter and having to replace the original battery. I have had to replace my starter and battery as well.
At the time we bought our tractors we knew more emission controls were going to be added on upcoming year tractors. We weren't interested in all the headaches involved if we could avoid it.
I just did this to my 2002 F250 7.3. The $400 tuner made an amazing difference. I thought I could do it to the 5045E but do they not have a PCM you an reprogram?
No Pcm
As stated above the 2012 has the traditional injector pump and no turbo. I've heard of people having their injector pump "turned up" ( not "tuned") and getting much better power out of it but I do NOT have any first hand experience with this. A shop that rebuilds injector pumps might be able to do this by adjusting the "fuel rate" like MO1 said above.
The 2012 5045E most certainly is a Turbocharged engine.
It's shown as a turbocharged engine in the sales brochure for the 2012 5D -5E - 5E Limited Tractors on page 18.
How would you like to be a parts man at a J D Dealership? I have a good friend who is and he says it's become a nightmare the last few years.
Without the VIN. you are dead in the water and even then it's still tough.
I worked on/off in JD dealer parts dept from '65-'87. I can't imagine the added difficulty with all the different models of today. I have difficulty understanding the need for so many different models in the identical horsepower categories. After all there's only a limited number of ways one can change options
A lot of the different engines were made for import into different countries. Then you have the EPA sticking their noses in from time to time.
It would be easier if JD had parts listings for destination USA only for us over here. I couldn't care less how the engine was built for another country..
The photo I posted earlier showing 10 different engine configurations was for tractors sold in N America not the World.
Correct but they also list engines for other countries as well. I have no idea what the difference is other than probably the emissions. Canada and Mexico might be different too..
I'm going away for the weekend but will be going over to my friend's house the first of the week. I'll ask him what exactly he did to his engine to convert it to the 5065 specs. He'll know.
Did you have a chance to speak with your friend?
I've spoken with him several times. Did I ask him about his tractor? NO. Now that you have reminded me I will make it a point to ask him. My apologies.
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Hate to be a pain. Wondering if you had a chance.
Several but I keep forgetting to ask. (at least I'm honest)
I'll try to remember to ask. I can't go over there. He has been exposed to Covid and I'm in quarantine for a few more days because I was with him last Sunday before we found out about the exposure. This really sucks.
I do know he's working up in his woods with a logging company and there is no cell phone service up there.
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