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5045E Tuning

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I inherited a 2012 5045E. It's a great low hour tractor. I want to buy a Woods batwing. It requires 34hp at the PTO. This tractor produces 37hp at the PTO. I know enough to know that it won't work pulling up hills where I live (unless I crawl).

I wonder if anyone has had success tuning it to increase the HP? I think an extra 15hp would work.
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Welcome to GTT
What is your plan to increase HP nearly 50%?
No. 50% would be 22.5 hp. Even 10hp (22%) would do the trick.
150% of 37 HP is actually 18.5 HP not 22.5 HP.
150% of 37 HP is actually 18.5 HP not 22.5 HP.
Your talking PTO. I was talking engine.
Actually pto HP is what accomplishes the mowing not engine HP & actually you were referring to ""pto hp"" in your original question.
I merely clarified my calculations WHICH I THINK are meaningful to your original question. My replies may not benefit you but might benefit other people that read these threads.
It appears from viewing the parts catalog #4501 for models 5045E-5075E that JD offered 10 different specification engines.


I worked on/off in JD dealer parts dept from '65-'87. I can't imagine the added difficulty with all the different models of today. I have difficulty understanding the need for so many different models in the identical horsepower categories. After all there's only a limited number of ways one can change options
The photo I posted earlier showing 10 different engine configurations was for tractors sold in N America not the World.
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