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Simple. Change the injectors, injector pump and the turbo to 5065 parts. I have a friend who did exactly that and his 5045 runs as good as my 5065. How much mowing do you have to do that you think you need a Batwing mower?
I personally don't know enough about this particular model to offer help. But I am sure there is a way, however you may come out dollars ahead by just trading up. Depending on where you are at, 5 Series are more plentiful used than subcompacts in some markets.

But I like the post above. If its not a computer controlled engine, swapping injectors, adding fuel pressure and turbos/intercoolers will work, think like those guys that do tractor pulls. Doesn't sound real practical for a field tractor to me though, I am pretty sure the old 70s and early 80s tractors had options for juicing them up, a 2012... I don't know.
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