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I am thinking about getting a 5055E for brush hogging and doing hay/ planting food plots etc. i do know quite a bit about the mechanics of the tractor but i wondered if the people who have them like them and if they are worth the money for them??? also thought about a 4005
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So many options

I ended up with a couple of tractors 3005 & 790 and love them but I looked long and hard at a 5055D and a 4005. My neighbor got the 4005 after I got the 3005. It is a very capable machine. I have bigger tractor envy. I wish I'd spent the little bit extra and got the 4005. For all around farm tractor use I don't think you'd ever go wrong. Other tractors have alot more bells and whistles but the 4005 is a bare bones hard working tractor. If you want cup holders, tilt steering, cruise control, plush seats etc. By a nice car or one of the luxury tractors. If you want a work tractor the 4005 is hard to beat $ for $. What do you really want to do with your tractor???? It's the same considerations you make in a truck purchase. What are you really going to be doing and what do you really need?
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