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5075 M Idle Question

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Sorry, but I have another question regarding my 2011 5075M. I have noticed about 2-3 times that the tractor will idle at higher RPM's then normal. This is always when the tractor is warm and has been running a while.

Is this a normal function, it sort of reminds me of when my Ford Diesel pick up goes into a "exhaust regeneration".

Thanks in advance!!
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I haven't had that kind of experience with my 5075M. If the weather is warm (that's a relative term for Alaska..) about room temperature - 75 to 80 degrees - the tractor with fire up at fast idle and drop down back down to normal idle, 900-950rpm within 5-10 seconds. If it's colder (like now..) about 27 to 30 degrees - the tractor will fire up at fast idle and maintain that rpm for maybe 2 minutes or so.

Never had it jump up in rpms after warm... and stay there. I've got about 75 hours on the meter, now.

Has it ever "thrown a code" on the guage cluster LED screen?

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