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I have a NEW (50 hrs) 5085e 2015Y.

A squealing/buzzing/vibrating noise is coming "primarily" from the rear dual SCV (selector control valve).
It could loosen teeth fillings!!

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NOTE: Tractor is equipped with the loader JOY stick but no loader attached mounted at this time.
If loader attached ALL symptoms the same.

Here are the symptoms:
All noise occurs at warm/hot oil temps (barely noticeable at cold morning startup 60 degrees).
Noise begins at 1200rpm and TOTALLY and ABRUPTLY stops at 1400rpm.
Example: At 1700 rpm Hydraulics are QUIET!
Hydraulic lift control levers in neutral position.
No rear hydraulic implements attached.
At engine speeds of 1500 and greater NO NOISE (some noise again at 2200 and up but I can understand that).

What has been done/tested so far:
If you push BOTH control levers to FLOAT noise reduces by 90%
If you DO HAVE an implement attached to EITHER rear outlet (duels on back) , during raise or lower operation NOISE IS GONE.
If you apply VERY SLIGHT PRESSURE to the control lever (not enough to engage hydraulic selector just put pressure) you can make the NOISE BE GONE.
Lines are ALL CLEAR and examination for rubbing... NONE FOUND
Rear SCV (dual selector control valve) was REPLACED by John Deere with NO EFFECT.

Using a stethoscope the NOISE is coming from the rear SCV.

It appears a "harmonic vibration" is developing in the SCV.
The lines also vibrate but the ALWAYS vibrate, even when the SCV is NOT making noise.
At idle, there is a noticeable but slight CLICKING sound at about a 300rpm frequency which seems to become the squeeling noise when throttle advanced.

I need help:
  • The dealer does NOT have another model of this tractor for comparison.
  • John Deere Company says its normal.
  • Please can someone who owns a 5085e describe how "their" tractor sounds at the rear SCV body?
  • I first am trying to establish if "It really is normal".
  • Once I establish that I will go after John Deere AGGRESSIVELY!

Thanks for all you help!!

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They have replace the SCV and no change.

This should be an open center valve. Sounds like the center orifice in the valve is either blocked or too small. I think your SCV valve is defective and needs to be replaced.
They replaced the complete SCV with no change.

Also, if someone actually has a 5085E and can "verify" they have no noise as I described I would appreciate it.


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Similar to same tractor results.

I have a 2015 5085E and my tractor is doing the same thing at certain rpm's. I believe mine is around 16 or 1700 rpm. Below that speed gone above that speed gone. While it's making that noise, I can go around back and the hydro lines leading to the right side of SCV vibrate. It sends a horrible noise into the cab. I don't have my tractor right now, it's getting the dash cluster replaced, but when I get it back I'll try to get a better idea of what's going on and get back to you.
Really appreciated the direct comparison against a like model experience.
Sounds "very" much the same as mine.

I am guessing they have some sort of a "harmonic vibration" issue.
If that is the case, the vibration/noise should be able to be reduced by different mounting, oil lines etc...
This is NOT a complicated system.

Yes, the oil lines out of both sides of the SCV vibrate.
When I raise the rpm and the "noise" stops the vibration is still present (maybe less but not much).

Anxious to hear back as you more closely investigate what you see/hear.

I like my tractor but am disappointed in this noise since I "never" had another tractor make noise like this.


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I have had the exact same noise in my 3720 rear scv lines since new. Dealer has tried multiple fixes to no avail deere says normal. Is yours the electric valve controlled with joystick switch? It drove me bat**** crazy to begin with but after 400 hours I am starting to tune it out. I do not like it at all I think it is a vibration caused by the valve somehow. My hard lines are vibrate like crazy at certain rpm.
Mine is manual valve control.
It is the rear mounted SCV valves.

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Another maybe related hydraulic noise?? This is obvious noise, is it normal?

The lines have been traced, pushed pulled and prodded.
Pressure has been applied to each line to see affects, NONE.

Also, the other noise which bothers me may be related....
If your tractor is at operating temps and you stand behind it at idle, the RAP/TAP is "unmistakable".
Do you have any noise similar to this???

At idle, when hot, there is a NOTICEABLE "rapping/tapping noise" which raps at approximately 500-600 taps per minute or so. NOT buzzing fast but NOT ticktock slow. Just a constant rap/tap
Like a small hammer tapping from inside.
The noise permeates the entire group of lines but seems to emanate around the rear rock-shaft valve control (possibly).
Of coarse that is where several relief valves are located.
Removing the transmission oil fill cap and listening in it returns normal noises and no rapping.
Oil appears to have NO air in it.
Hydraulic supply line AT the hydraulic pump has no unexpected noise. No rapping, no squealing.

All these noises, including the rap/tapping reduce 98% when BOTH selector valves are in FLOAT position.
NONE: All of this is with NO attachments connected to the tractor and loader not mounted.

FYI: This tractor has a DUAL MID MOUNTED SCV as well as the DUAL REAR MOUNTED SCV.

This "rapping/tapping" noise at idle bothers me.
It is VERY easy to hear when oil temps are up to normal operational temps.

If not then I suspect it may be an indicator of the problem.

Thanks for the help!

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Well I got my tractor back from the dealer today. I noticed that my noise happens at almost the same two rpm ranges as you have stated. It is pretty annoying isn't it. I tried moving my joystick around, played with the rear scv controls, tried all float positions, no change in noise what so ever, had No effect. I'm stumped.

But I didn't get anything fixed while it was away. They told me they swapped the cluster and the new gauge cluster did the same thing. They referred to the service manual, and it stated faulty cluster, so they checked with John Deere, and they said that because my differential lock and parking brake were not electronically controlled, that those two lights will not come on. Then why is there an electrical switch on top of my rear end that engages when I put handle to park. Checked it with an ohm meter, and it works, it's tied into the rear harness. Are they screwing with me here? Curious as to whether or not your diff lock and parking light come on.

I know my "P"ark light does not light.
I see in another thread which said that in Europe this tractor has a secondary brake and the light is ON when it is set.
Also in the manual it does refer to the light ON if the Park "BRAKE" is set, not just in Park.
So... it seems they are not suppose to work.
FYI: My guess....The park switch which IS on the tractor wires into the main harness and most likely provides "info" to the ECU for WHATEVER needs it has to know if shift lever is in PARK.
Perhaps to close the LOOP so it knows it is NOT in gear.

I don't know for sure but do NOT think my differential light works either.
I see where John deere had a "Power Differential" on some models which electrically controlled the differential lock.
I could not find the same "Instrument Panel" on a similar tractor which HAD a power diff. but suppose it is possible and that is the reason.
I "did" see in the diagnostics manual that there is a software controlled ability to TURN THE DIFF FEATURE OFF if the tractor is NOT equipped so I guess ours is NOT equipped.

NOTE: The only way I eliminate 98 percent of the hydraulic noise is to put BOTH rear control levers into float.

In my research into the "squeal" I did find owners and other tractors with the same/similar issue.

I actually ran another 5085e but it had a TRIPLE connector on the rear so "some" different..
But, using a "stethoscope" on that tractor, it had the same "hydraulic line" vibration and pounding as mine.
Both tractors had perfectly QUITE lines from the pump to the Rockshaft Valve. Then the vibration and noise started and became worse until it reached the REAR SCV.
On exist of the REAR SCV the vibration was notably less and seemed to decrease as it headed to the hydraulic filter.

I did look at a NEW 2015 5085 and the "hydraulic mid valve, rear valve, installed positions and line lengths" are ALL DIFFERENT!

That tractor had NO vibration in the hydraulic lines so I guess they FIXED it a couple of months AFTER I got mine.

On that tractor the MID SCV was mounted on the front side of the rear axle so the "Beyond Power" supply line from the MID SCV to the REAR DUAL SCV were only about 2' long.
On my tractor the same "feed" line is 6 1/2 feet long!!!! That cant' help.

So again, it looks to me like they had a problem, new it and finally incorporated a TOTALLY different setup to correct it.
This is all my best guess!!!

My tractor is a 2015 and the DUAL REAR SCV valve has a manufacturer plate of Brazil 2013!
They must have had a SLUG of the SCV valves "pre-built" by a supplier so implementing a CHANGE was a slow process (Or purposely DELAYED)!

Also, noise which pisses some of us OFF is not even NOTICED by others.

FYI: I got the diagnostics manual and studied a LONG time to fully understand the hydraulic system so I could better KNOW what I was listening to.
Remember, the GEAR pump is a NOISE GENERATOR by nature. So are the STEEL lines. Length (long) lines is bad.
Then throw in vibration and when the HARMONICS occur they are noisy!

There are some interesting articles on the NET about "hydraulic noise".
Kind of helps understand what probably went "wrong" on this setup.
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