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Like Jason, just throwing this out there. I want to be clear that I agree that a JD dealer or JD themselves should not have a product that does this, but it is what it is.

First, since it is a new tractor and your dealer did change the SCV with no change and has given up, have you or can you approach a different dealer? Lots of things do and don't get taken care of because of a dealer.

Second, to fix this yourself, first thing that I would try would be to mount the valve bracket (looks like 3 bolts) on some stiff engine mount type rubber, 3/8"-1/2" thick. The steel line should allow that much I would think. See if that makes any difference. Go from there.

Something else is that you can get rid of the hard lines and go to hoses. These are all things that can vibrate, either isolate them or get rid of them.

I know that it is not right, but it comes down to how or what will you do to deal with the problem.

On another forum, there is a guy that is considering trading his NEW TRACTOR in because it rides so hard. This is a 100hp machine. "It's not like my old one" he says. Instead of methodically going through one thing at a time to get to the root of the problem, he just wants to get rid of the problem. I suppose that's fine when you have $$$$ to burn, I'm not that fortunate.
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