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Hi All,
I'm new to the forum and a new JD owner. I've got a new to me 5300 MFWD with 1300 hours on it. Overall its in great running order. The only issue thats come up with it is a leak in the power steering cylinder. I'd like to replace the seals at some point. I'd really appreciate if someone could walk me through removing the ram or point me in the right direction.

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Hello, Alex.
Welcome to GTT.

Remove the Tie Rod ends(7).
Place a catch-pan under the work area.
Remove Bolts and Washers(13 & 14) from cap(10) and remove cylinder assembly.
Place the cylinder(11) on a clean work bench.



Disassemble the cylinder by removing four Bolts(15).
Pry the Gland away from the Cylinder Barrel.
Replace the seals/o-rings provided in Seal Kit(13).
Re-assemble and install in the reverse order.

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