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54" Front Blade Hose Guides (2520)

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I wonder if someone can post pics showing the proper location to attach the hose guides (#11 and #14) in the parts diagram? It doesn't seem I have the manual that shows the proper installation. I have a 2520 tractor.

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Borrowing a picture from Lost in Wisconsin - these two guys.

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OK, I was able to find this document (see link) which shows the proper installation on the 2520. Now it's clear to me where the larger guide goes.

I don't think I'm going to drill the hole in the foot rest for the smaller one though. I'll continue to use the hose guide I installed for the FEL - I have it attached to the metal tab hanging down under the foot rest.

Ensoll, I'm still interested in how you did it.


Thanks Lost in Wisconsin. I can see how it should be done.

Here's what I did for my FEL hose guide when I installed it. Not sure this is correct, but the front blade hoses sit nicely in it when I'm using the blade. Is this correct for the FEL?

Green Hose Pipe Fuel line Wire
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Here you go. These are the instructions for installing the Independent Front Hitch which is what is used for a blower, plow, broom, (etc?) but it includes the instructions for installing the hose guides.
Thanks for the follow-up Ensoll. I think the copy I have linked above is a better/cleaner copy of the same instructions. You may want to grab it.

I appreciate someone's help here. With your help I think I have it setup right now.

I appreciate EVERYONE's help. My bad.

As a wrap up to this thread I have some pics showing how I ultimately routed my lines to the 54" front blade. I bought sleeving to contain the lines for a neater look and protection of the tractor (the line extension couplings scratch the loader upright horizontal). I used sleeving that cost just $9.25 for a 10ft length. Bought it online here:
Sleeving, 1 1/2" Expandable, 10 Ft

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I started by feeding the sleeve onto the lines. Looks like a snake eating prey don't you think?

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Pulled it to the end and folded it inside itself. Then cable tied it.

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Strain relieved the four lines to the quick attach

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Cut the 10th sleeve to proper length plus a lot. Then folded the sleeve inside itself and doubled it back past the hose extension couplers where they hit the loader upright. I still had 3ft left over from the 10ft roll.

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Cleaned up the cable ties and DONE. :dance:

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Let me know if you like the look.
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Thats terrif as long as you aren't switching back and forth to a blower. With the blower, you wouldn't be using the angling cyl lines but instead would be running the rotator lines.

Good point. Well, there's no blower in my future right now. :cray:
I just picked up the larger one from the dealer, $36. My wife and I figured $ away cheap:lol:. It amazes me what JD gets for things. I told my wife it was JDDave's fault.
Oh man! I didn't realize posting carried such responsibility. I'll have to be more careful in the future. Of course you're on your own when you walk through the JD Dealership door. :lol:
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