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5410 axle/diffirential lock not working

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I have this four wheel drive 5410 model (open station) which when the axle lock is depressed and a brake is applied all that happens is a little pulsation on the pedal. I have the manual and have studied the parts diagram via the official John deere site. I also have a 5105 which I bought new so I know how it is supposed to work and how it doesn't quite work like it did origionally before I really understood that is more for locking up before spinning not when one wheel is stopped and the other is going at 2x. The pedal is pulling out the plunger thing like it is supposed to and I have wedged something in under there to make sure it was as far out as it could go.

I would guess the prongs on the engaging devices are rounded. Any idea of how many hours something like would take to repair. There clearly are warnings of damage if not operated properly in the manual. Kind of looks to me like one of the prong things might not come out too hard pulling out the left wheel axle but the other one looked pretty burried. I talked to the service manager but there was a communication barrier he was talking about cable and beyond the actuating linkage I don't think we could communicate.

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As you know, now, the diff lock is NEVER to be engaged while the wheels are spinning. :tongue: This is not a complicated repair, but it does take a little time. You should attack the differential from the top rather than the side. You may have a broken pin or fork. If the problem is with the diff lock itself, you will need to pull the left side final drive to make the repair. If you have a solid set of skills and a good shop, I would allow at least 2 full days to get this done. Good luck.


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Thanks for the response and the picture, it is a lot less congested than the one I found in the parts section of the website. The part I am calling burried doesn't get a number so hopefully that part #10 isn't as durable as the burried one. I had a salesman run the numbers before I bought it (recently) and it had three transactions in the first year and a half so maybe was a leased unit and opreated accordingly.
Fran...k, Kevin has given good advice as usual. I would like to add that if the diff lock collar is damaged, then it is likely the left half of the differential carrier is also damaged. (#3 in diagram). If that is the case, then removal of right final drive will be required also. The differential is removed from right side.


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I finally was able to find the second picture in the transmission section. That is why I just called it the burried part.
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