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HI, i'm new to this page, but need some help bad! my jd 5425 is having some sort of clutch engagement issue. when i push down on my clutch pedal it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I can barely get the tractor in gear and it wants to move as i shift. anyone have advice?
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I Have a SyncShuttle transmission. I've been trying to adjust the clutch pedal but it doesn't seem to do anything. if I adjust it loose or tight I seem to get the same outcome
I was able to get my tractor into first and second gear and drove around, but very tuff and almost impossible. I could not get it into reverse. the clutch pedal doesn't seem to do anything. used the breaks a bunch. This tractor is in normal use and I don't think there should be a bunch of rust
also this tractor only has a little over 1000 hours
is there any chance it could be a clutch solenoid? trying to lean more about this transmission and it sounds like there is some or one solenoid in it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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