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I'll try to keep this short. I think I'm having a fueling problem. I picked up a JD 5525 that only has 620 hours on it. Filled it up with fresh diesel when I brought it home. Used it for the first time to mow some and it mowed like a champ. About 2 hours in it suddenly lost power and started puffing some blue/grey smoke. I disengaged the PTO and drove it back up to the house. It sat for a little bit and I went back out later and it started and ran fine. I changed the inline filter and the main filter/water separator (both pictured). Fast forward about a week I took it back out to mow and it mowed fine, but after about an hour or so it did the same thing.

It does have a Mr Gasket inline fuel pump (pictured) that the previous owner added. It has a filter on it but I was unable to get it off, so I'll probably just order a new pump and leave the filter off of it. I also know that some of these tractors had the strainer tube inside the tank. Not sure if this one has it or not because I haven't drained the tank to check.

Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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