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59" jd snow blower question

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Does the 59" JD snow blower mounted to a 3320 have an uplift kit?
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Not sure I understand the question, do you mean hydraulically powered lift?
Assuming you mean for a front mount. Here is what JD Parts shows. Hope this helps.


The front blower I was looking at on the 2720 had a hydraulic uplift kit - I was just wondering if the 59" which is being quoted for the 3320 also has a hydraulic uplift kit- I don't see it spelled out like attachments for the 2720 had under "build your own" section. Otherwise - I going to go with an Erskine front end mounted 60" SB powered off the rear PTO - save the money and have the mid PTO option removed from the quote as well as the JD front snow blower.
The hydraulic lift (and angling like for a blade) is the function of the QH (quick hitch) and yes, the 3320 has it. A blower, blade and powered broom are all available for those machines.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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