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$6 Rear Utility Light

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Here is an inexpensive 20 minute way to light up the rear work area of your TPH. I picked up a $6 35 watt utility light at my local COOP. There were already two holes drilled in the cross member of the ROPS. I believe these are for the mount of 1026"E" warning triangle(?). I drilled out one of the holes to mount the light, pinch tapped into the black wire to my ROPS lights and BINGO, I have a nice rear work light. It comes on when the light switch is in the last lights on position. I think John Deere is charging around $50 for a rear plastic utility light. The other nice thing about these generic work lights, they are housed in a rubber case. Nice protection for weather and wear :)


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Looks good, especially for $6!:thumbup1gif:
Thank you very much for the information. I was not aware of this. I do recall there was some discussion about the optional John Deere rear work light tapping into the "existing" black and purple wires via a "Y" connection. It would seem to me, that if John Deere isn't using a separate wire to support a rear light, then I could get away with using the wires and not overload the circuit. I will sure check into this. Do you think I should pull this posting????? I sure don't want to be the cause of anyone having a problem :(
Don't pull your post. Everyone can learn here by reading this.

If you look into why JD doesn't recommend this is because of possible overloading. You can still install the lights and be successful. Other owners have done this already. I am going to add lights myself but use additional switches just for versatility. I haven't decided on the JD lights or LEDs but I wouldn't hesitate to use the JD forward and rear kits together.

Just another opinion, it's your tractor.

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