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$6 Rear Utility Light

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Here is an inexpensive 20 minute way to light up the rear work area of your TPH. I picked up a $6 35 watt utility light at my local COOP. There were already two holes drilled in the cross member of the ROPS. I believe these are for the mount of 1026"E" warning triangle(?). I drilled out one of the holes to mount the light, pinch tapped into the black wire to my ROPS lights and BINGO, I have a nice rear work light. It comes on when the light switch is in the last lights on position. I think John Deere is charging around $50 for a rear plastic utility light. The other nice thing about these generic work lights, they are housed in a rubber case. Nice protection for weather and wear :)


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I have all 3 jd aux lights on my 1026r and can say it works just fine to have all 5 lights on. I wouldnt be without them for blowing snow at night.

No need to splice the wires. The 1026r has plugs {bullet connectors} near the bottom of the rops{both sides} and the jd light kit comes with 2 Y's..
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