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$60 Selector Valve? (Edit.. and an inexpensive top link setup)

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I am thinking of adding an occasional use diverter valve, so I could possibly add a hydraulic top link, maybe install a hydraulic deck lift, trailer dump, or possibly build a basic grapple "claw" for the bucket on my 1023e
Just looking to make something to use when I need an extra function. I do realize there'll be $75 bucks in couplers, elbows, adapters... and probably another 50 in wiring and buttons... so around $200 maybe $250

I was thinking I could make something that could plug right in the SCV ports by my foot, and maybe a trailer plug for power and a switch on the SCV stalk. Just in the idea stage right now.. Not a need, but a desire to tinker.

I don't want a dedicated "on the loader" diverter valve... as I have differing ideas that wont always be at the end of the loader arms.

Why might I not want to build something based on the dual selector valve that Surplus center is offering for 60 bucks?

The ports are #4... so smaller than the #6 stuff used on the hoses and hose connections.. but the implement flow is only 3.5gpm... So I don't think flow will be an issue.
  • Flow Rate 6.6 GPM
  • Pressure 2900 PSI max
  • Coil Voltage 12 VDC
  • Current 3 amps
  • Duty Intermittent
  • Connector Deutsch DT-04
  • Ports Six SAE 4
  • Mount Two M6 tapped holes in base
  • Size 6-1/4" x 2" x 2-5/8"
  • Shpg. 5 lbs.

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That valve will certainly do the trick. This is an extremely simple task that involves extremely simply plumbing... with bulky hoses and fittings that take up way too much space on a tractor that has virtually no available space. The biggest challenge will simply be putting that thing somewhere. I suggest fabricating a mount that straps or bolts it to the right loader mast. That way it is attached to the tractor, not the loader. You just need some short hoses to the loader couplings, and some female fittings on the valve.
Are these devices rated for exposure to rain and such?
I have that agrisupply one without it. I has never moved on it's own. I'm not sure what circumstances would cause it to do that. I'm sure some exist, just not sure what it would be. But I'm guessing a 1 serious is not going to encounter it.
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