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60D mower deck

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Hello all,

I have a 2020 1025R with a 60 D mower deck. Last year when I first used it I set the cut height on the knob a 3.5 and lowered the deck. It basically cut the ground and when I went around corners it left indentions in the ground.

This year I have it set at the same however i don't lower the deck all the way done.

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong and would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you
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Deck leveled correctly gauge wheels set at correct height?
First you need to have scalp wheels as low as they will go without touching the ground. This will solve virtually all of the uneven ground scalping issues. People set them too high all the time. They need to be like 1/4" off the ground when on flat level ground.

The numbers on the knob do not correspond to inches. They don't actually correspond to anything, just reference. But if you had the knob set for around 3.5, it should not be cutting super low. It sounds like the front draft arms and rear lift links on your deck are not adjusted properly. It should be higher than that, level side to side, and about 1/4" lower in front than in back.
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To set the height, you need to raise the deck to the highest point, then set the height control to where you want it and the, lower the deck. It should be at the correct level, Then readjust the wheels about 1/2 inch above the ground while the deck is at your set height.
You may have to look under the deck knob below the tractor and see if its stopping on one of the notches on that shaft. Some don't line up right and it could've been dropping to the install position.
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