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6110m versus 6125m

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Gday all,
Been lurking awhile ,,Australian small time hay /mixed crop farmer, thinking of trading a 2003 6320se for a 6110m or 6125m( Tier 2 )
Now the 25 is $10,000 AUD extra over the 10 ($103k v $113k plus GST 10%)
There appears to be no difference apart from the engine management software.
The tune sites all quote extra power available from the 25 over the 10.Do they know their stuff or just quoting generic figures to flog tune kits??
Anybody familiar with these models and if there are any mechanical differences between the two.
They both can be ordered with the same hydraulic pumps etc./
Always good info here so any advice welcome..
Weather cooling off here down to 15 celcius overnight..
Thank you
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Do you mean these:

or which model years are you talking about? Do you mean a MY12-MY15 6125M and 6120M MY16-MY20? Or the current sold 6125M and 6120M that I showed in the links above?
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