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67 110 steering post grommet

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Putting my 110 round fender back together. Ordered a new grommet from HAPCO to fit in the dash. Was going to order from Deere but it’s discounted M40154. So I ordered it from HAPCO and got Deere part number M42528 from HAPCO. Thought that’s odd because Deere doesn’t show M40154 being replaced by M42528. M42528 is used in the later 110,112,140 tractors. Not sure what the secret is but, I can’t get the grommet to stay in the hole and keeps popping out. Thought I could trim the bottom of the grommet to gain more clearance to fit around steering post. That didn’t work very well and looks terrible. Ordered a new M42528 from my dealer. So has anyone else ran into this problem. Clearly there is/was a difference between the two grommets.
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