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For most uses, yes, a 7' back blade is to big for your machine. That said however, you very well may find it to be a perfect fit.

First off, consider that you aren't required to sweep a full blade width. So even though it is a 7' wide blade, you can use it and only cut 3' into the snow. (other then your first cut!)

I have a 5' blade on my 2032R and wish I had access to a much wider blade for snow removal. Remember that a 7' blade doesn't clear a 7' swath when it is angled. You could also use it like it was an offset blade and you can run the machine down the cleared portion of your driveway while the blade hangs off to the side pushing the banks back

So there are uses for a 7' blade even on a smaller machine. But if you are thinking it will be your only means of snow removal you probably won't be happy with it.
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