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7130 1000 RPM PTO Trouble

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7130 Premium tractor, when I use the 1000 rpm pto the tractor is derated and will only allow the shaft speed to reach a maximum of 600 rpm's.. 540 works fine.. Does anybody have any ideas as to what my problem may be??? When using it on my feed cutter 600 rpm's is just not enough to cut the hay but the torque is there so I am feeling it is an electronic issue. THANK YOU to anybody and everybody who can offer me some advice!!!
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7130 pto

There is an external speed sensor just above the PTO shafts and I have picked that up but are you saying it will be something inside the trans/Pto part of the tractor??? Part I got is an AL162765.. Thanks again
7130 Premium Wiring Diagram

Is there anywhere on the net to access a wiring diagram for the John Deere 7130 premium??
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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