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770 hydraulic issue

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Hi all, I just signed up because up until today I haven't had any issues with my new to me JD 770 I bought about a year ago. Right now it has around 1950 hours on it and today while I was using it the hydraulics controlling the up and down stopped working but the bucket would still curl. The 3 point up and down also stopped working. When I pull back on the bucket joystick it almost acts like it stuck in place. I can see the hoses moving like they are trying to work put wont move.

I have done some reading on here and other forums and it sounds like it might be the SCV, which I heard is expensive. Is there any way to test whether its the SCV or another issue? Anything else I should look at before jumping to that? Maybe the hydraulic filter is plugged?

The hydraulic fluid was a bit low when I checked, just below the bottom edge of the the hashed mark on the dipstick, I put some in and brought it up to the middle of the hash marks but it didn't do any good.

I have changed the oil in the tractor but really not much else since we bought it and I have intended to get a manual for it but because I haven't had any issues until now I haven't felt the need to really.

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Retrace your steps.
Did you recently change, remove, disconnect, or reconnect anything?
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