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790/3005 owners

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Just wondering how many of us here own 790/3005 model tractors.

Here is a few shots of what I do with mine.
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Just ordered min

I ordered my 3005 two weeks ago. It should be here just after Christmas. It will come with a 300 loader and ballast box. Dealer is installing a block heater and battery blanket. I notice yours is in Idaho. How does it handle cold winter weather? When I pick mine up from the dealer I know it will be indoors and warm. I'm thinking about loading it on the trailer and leaving it running when I drive the 25 miles home. When I get home I can drive it off the trailer and into the barn. Should I let a brand new engine idle for that long or should I just shut it down and fire it up when I get home. BTW it's 36 below this morning so things will cool quickly when going down the road. Won't be able to play much til spring break up and thing warm.
I'm new to the forum so I'll probably have lots of questions. Any cold weather users with advice BEFORE I make the mistakes?
3005 is here

I got my 3005 last Thursday (my 51st birthday). It took much less time to get here than anyone expected. My wifes giving me a bad time since I have to go out in the evening and play with my toy. The 3005 has done a nice job clearing all the packed snow I have. Our driveway and parking areas are clear. It is an amazing machine and has more power than I thought it would. I need to install some work lights on the ROPS. The headlights are often covered when using the FEL. Having lights up higher will be much handier. It's about 22 hours of darkness up here now. Definitely need work lights for the winter.:lol:

I'll try and get pics this weekend. We only have a couple hours of daylight. If it's not cloudy I'll have enough light to get a pic. Next Friday is the shortest day of the year. Then we'll start gaining daylight. I want to get some good pics in the snow so I can put them as my screen saver. Gotta go caribou hunting tommorow. Have a Merry Christmas.
Some pics

It has warmed up and was about 15-20 above zero. I worked like crazy this last weekend. I got about half a roll of pics on my Nikon. When I get them developed they put them on disc as well as giving me pics. I have to take the rest of the roll and get it in. Once their on disc I can load them on the puter. I worked clearing about an acre and a half of snow, tundra, black spruce stumps. I cut all the trees down 4 years ago (1 inch to 4 inch) and the tundra is like thick moss about 8-10" deep. I'm moving the 2 feet of snow then removing the frozen tundra and half rotten stumps. It's slow hard work. My 3005 is doing great. I now have a windrow 300 ft long and as high as the 300 loader will stack it. Amazing machine.
My wife is being nice and let me rent a JD 650 to push the rest of the front 10 acres next weekend. I'll definitely get pics of that. We'll do all the clean up with the 3005. I have found that towing about 4 pallets (tied together) behind a tractor does a tremendous finish job. I'll have a smooth pasture by summer. The snow should melt by the end of April then I'll let things set and thaw til about July/August before planting the first of the pasture mix.
Tractor is great for clearing snow as well. I plan on ordering a rear blade for my tractor this spring. That should help in spreading, moving, etc. Thought about a box blade but I like being able to angle the blade and roll dirt/gravel etc. Should I got 6 ot 7 foot blade on the 3005?
Spring tractor use time

It is getting above freezing during the days now and back down to single digits at night. I've been running my 3005 a good bit removing hard pack snow from peoples driveways. That work will only last a short while but I've made enough money doing it to pay for a new box blade and a set of forks. I'll be ordering them on Friday. Prices are outrageous up here due to shipping. The forks will run me $1085 and the box blade right at $1000. Here's a pic of one of my weekend projects. Hope it works (first time trying to upload a pic)


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