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790/3005 owners

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Just wondering how many of us here own 790/3005 model tractors.

Here is a few shots of what I do with mine.
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Whoooops!!!:flag_of_truce: Think I nuked my own pics from tread:nunu:

Here is some more


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Thanks Spudland_Dave:wink:

Yep, thats an old JD "crowfoot" packer. Got a 3 section unit, tractor hitch set up from the neighbor, two 3 foot outside packers and a four footer center packer.

Pulled up a parts blow-up on for them even being fifty some years old:thumbup1gif:

I've disassembled since that pic was taken, one of the 3 foot packers and the four footer and made a 5 footer from pieces of both to get better coverage of the 4 to 5 foot implements the packer get pulled behind, 4' tiller, 5' round harrow, 5' cultivator.
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It is one of those work in progress deals.... but here is a few more pics.

I like the firming action and texture of the 'crowfoot' leaves compared to my old "soil pulverizer" when pulled behind the tiller.

Just been using a regular hitch pin set up to mount it to the tiller.... Had other ideas of mouting it to the tiller, but simple is getting the job done for now:grin:

The pic on the left is the five foot packer, the other two picks are of the three footer.


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Thanks JD4300...

Almost didn't want to carve up two packers to make one five foot packer.... But it worked out rather good, ended up with spare wood axle bearings, extra packer wheels and some extra angle iron.
Here is another "old but not retired" implement I pull with the 790...

Ol' no.15...... As in JD model no.15 sub-soiler.

It has the old 'trip lift and depth regulator wheel mechanism....

It has its own ideas when I use it, mostly ornery ones.... but it still works.


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Thanks jd4300:)

The little trees in the pic are blue spruce, four acres worth. I Have blue spruce from smaller than the ones in that pic into the teens' in feet height:grin:

Older farm equipment seems to be sized pretty good for todays compact tractors, and often handed down or can be had for prices that are very good.... Alot of old iron around this area vanished to the high scrap iron prices a little while back sadly....

Heck if it was not for older iron, or even pieces of, I would have very few implements.....
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Welcome to greentractortalk fuel hoser! and congrats on the 3005

The 790 handles cold weather very good well, as long as you can stand sitt'n on it in bitter cold temps:laugh: With the block heater and battery blanket will will most definitely be set. I do not have ether of those extras on mine but it has never failed to start even at -15f below zero with just the manifold heater. But -15f is 'prolly childs play to you up there....

On real cold days or just when ever I plow snow:tongue: After starting the tractor I shift the high/low lever into neutral and then shift the tranny into 4th and let things spin to help hyd/trans oil warm a little. Then after ten or so minutes of warming up, I run the front end loader threw full cycles then use it to lift the front end up a little and turn the steering wheel all the way in both directions. May not be necessary to do all that, just the habit I have got into when the mercury vanishes.

As far as letting the tractor run on the trip home, ask the dealer what they recommend. The first 50-100 hours of a tractor engine is probably the most important hours it will run. Mine went right to work tilling, planting trees, loader work all a varied work load not necessarily "hard" working it but did not baby it neither.... Just got used as intended. It used a little engine oil at the first 50 hours or so but does not use any detectable amount between changes now.

Like you, I bought my 790 early spring and had to wait to really use it.... anticipation was high, but has paid off quite well since then.
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Early is good, bright lights are better

Good deal. Early is always better when wait'n on new tractor delivery:thumbup1gif:

On the lighting situation the original lights are a bit lacking of well, light. Especially rear work lights:mocking: I have just suffered threw for front facing lighting But, for rear work lights I received a pair of amber tyri brand LED lights for my birthday last spring. VERY bright and well lit work area is always behind me now..... No pics yet, sorry:flag_of_truce:

I must say, LED is my new standard of lighting. With the limited output of the oem alternator of the 790, Adding lights can be an issue with short alternator life. But with LED lighting one can add a lot of lighting before power consumption problems arise.

Have fun move'n snow and stay warm
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