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8245r pto

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Do anyone know if there is a way of dis-engaging th PTO brake on a 8245R because when the implement is folded the pto wont spin freely and snaps the shaft on the implement gearbox. We used to run a 7730 and could find a neutral on the pto speed selector but the 8245R is single speed and all controlled from the screen so no obvious way of allowing the pto to be free.
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Welcome to DT:drinks:

I can't help much on the big-boys like you have...Have you tried a dealer to get an answer?
Welcome to DT Popeye.:good2:

I like Kenny am out of my element on the larger machines. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, would it make sense to disconnect the shaft?:unknown:
I dont believe you can "freewheel" the PTO anymore...I know on one of our Magnums we need to actually shut the engine to allow the PTO to freewheel...
NOT Super Familiar with the 8R's functionality, but it does have a PTO Brake...I bet with there might be a program change which would allow the brake to stay default the Brake is only off when the PTO is engaged.
Shutting the key = no hydraulic pressure to the brake so she can freely turn.
Thanks for the greetings and the replies everyone, it looks like we have to take the shaft off everytime which is ok as long as the operator doesnt forget.
What kind of implement are you using that is causing this problem? Is there a slip clutch on the implement that should protect the shaft?
I cant answer for Popeye, but its common with attachments like batwings and such.
Just like how Bush Hog is a generic term for any rotary cutter , Batwings are what we call the big ones.
Sorry, but I've never heard of a pto shaft twisting off when folding an implement, unless of course they forget to turn the pto off. I have heard of shafts breaking or bending from a shaft that is too long and it bottoms out when folded. Hopefully the OP has checked on shaft length.
The pto brake on the tractor should actually have some "give" to it also. Otherwise when a heavy mower is shut down, it would shear off the shaft on shut down. I don't know what torque it would take to slip the brake, but it shouldn't be strong enough to break a shaft even if the spindles/gearboxes couldn't turn while folding it. I'll see if I can find a spec on the holding torque of the brake.
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