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Hello everyone,
1st time posting here.

I have an 8530 ILS MFWD with code SSU 523822.10 that keeps coming up after clearing codes. Book says steering movement detected without steering wheel motion. The only time this code appears is when I turn the steering wheel. Thinking it is just a sensor, but which 1? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, with same tractor getting very little movement out of the ILS. Does not seem to dampen or float like it should. You can look at the cylinders on the ILS and they have moved a little from the dirt seal marks. If I drive out in the field, drive over a bump or washout there is very little movement if any at all. Wondering if these 2 problems would be tied together. There are no codes for the ILS part. Wondering if the accumulators are bad? Is there a way to know for certain if the accumulators are properly charged without removal? Neighbor suggested bleeding ILS. I found the valve to bleed, do I need to leave open to charge it back up or close and then just start it?
Thanks for all your help.
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