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A couple of Pics of My new 2720

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Just received my new 2720 onTuesday have not had time to put her to work yet.
But I did drive around the yard some.
Got the 54 SnowBlower which was delivered on the pallet.
I was reading the books and was wondering how the hitch bracket mounts.
I included a picture if it.
The picture in teh book does not show the hood gaurd on the tractor.
Does the hood gaurd have to come off?
It appears there are two flat plates that can't find in the boxes which bolt in place of the hood gaurd. and this braket connects to those with a long pin.

Is this correct?


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I think you are missing the whole quicktatch front hitch, which is required in order to mount your snowblower. The bracket you picture, is the bracket to which the quicktatch hitch mounts. Then you mount the snowblower to quicktatch.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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