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Impact gun to remove and install. No blocking needed. No I don't use a torque wrench on mower blades. I'm confident I am not missing out on anything important by not using a torque wrench for this task. It's a mower blade, not a cylinder head.

With the blades removed and in a vice, I use a wire brush on the whole thing to clean all the garbage off so it's clean metal. You can't do that without removing the blades obviously. Then a flap disc on an angle grinder to sharpen. If the edge is really chewed up, I'll grind the edge blunt first to clean the chewed up nicks off.

There's no way I'd be sharpening these blades by hand or with or with a drill, especially with them still attached. Tried and it sucked.

How much effort you need to put into cleaning and sharpening the blades depends greatly on your lawn's conditions. Your conditions may leave the blades super chewed up or super clean and easy.
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