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It's also easier to miss a bent or twisted mower blade when sharpening them on the mower. I always remove the blades to sharpen them and also make sure they are balanced after sharpening. The faster the blade spins, the more critical its straight and balanced. '

I don't bother to torque mower blades and never have. Put them on and take them off with an impact and call it good. As long as you aren't using some brute of an impact, it shouldn't be a problem. Still running my original spindles on my 455 Deck with 2,500 hours on it and impact used every time to remove and install. Keep them greased and watch out for bent, twisted and out of balance blades and you shouldn't have any issues.

There is a very important difference between touching up the blades and properly sharpening them. The angle of the grind has to be correct or the blade won't cut properly. The sharpness of the blade also determines the clippings which its going to leave behind. This is one of the yards I cut yesterday and the grass was long when I cut it, I was cutting at 3.75" and I easily cut 2.5" off the grass, yet with sharp blades the results were very good and the clippings not visible in the finished results, which is all part of a good cut.
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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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