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A new hobby just started

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Hi my name is Steve,

Here's a bit about me,
I'm a complete newbie to the tractor world but not a newbie to online
communities. I've been part of a couple of bass fishing and cigar boards/forums over the years and have made a few life long friends along the way.
We recently moved out of the city (Ottawa, Ontario) to a 2.55 acre property in order to get away from the noise and to get more privacy. At the age of 45 (21 months ago), I suffered a stroke because life was way too busy/stressful for me I guess.... After that event, we decided to move to the outskirts of the city and start enjoying some country living and some peace and quiet. I also thought at the time it would help with my recovery and maybe slow me down, and so far it has....although the effect of the stroke has kinda helped with that...
When spring came along, I needed a riding lawn mower, so I bought a John Deere lawn tractor(D170) along with a small trailer, dethatcher, aereator and a sweeper just for lawn care for a small acreage property(bought it at Home Depot)...
So, a couple of weekends ago, I decide to order 20 cubic yards of topsoil and 20 cubic yards of crush stone just to top my front lawn and driveway. I was thinking to use my lawn tractor and utility trailer to spread around by shovel/rake (I know, it wasn't a weekend job). After my GF cousin's husband heard about this, he decides to show up with his 2007 JD 2305 with the FEL as I watched him spread the crushstone and topsoil in like 2-3 hours...and the rest is history.....
So last week I traded my D170(with 18 hours on it) and ordered a new JD 1026R with the FEL H120, 54" autoconnect mower, 47" front snow blower and ballast box. I should get it in a couple of weeks. I went with the 54" deck because of the hurdles I have to go around trees, and I only have 4700 square feet of driveway and a couple of paths to snowblow , so the 47" will be more than enough to get the job done. I kept my othe JD accessories and will add a spreader, sprayer and probably an auger by the fall.... Just getting smarter in my old age....
It looks like a lot of good people live here :thumbup1gif:
Live each day like it's your last....
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Welcome to the family. Sorry to hear about the stroke, but it sounds like you are doing well. You will really like the 1026R :good2:

Welcome ! You bought some really nice stuff :) One thing to keep in mind about the blower width. Its not so much about how much you can blow but getting the blower wider than the rear tires. I have a 54" on my 2305 and have a 90 turn in the drive. When turning the rear wheels can run over the uncut snow !!! If your drive is straight it wont matter as much. Post some pictures when you get her :)
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Congrats on the new 1026R!

You picked both an excellent tractor and our forum! Don't hesitate to ask any questions. There is a huge wealth of info to be found here on your new 1026R!:good2:
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Sounds to me you now have things well under control, welcome aboard.
At the age of 45 (21 months ago),
Just getting smarter in my old age
That is nowhere near being in the "old age" bracket of life. More like just getting started! :)

Congrats on your new machine,and as dieselshadow posted,you've come to the right place.:thumbup1gif:

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thanks for the welcome Gents. can't wait to get her, hopefully the mowing deck comes in this week as forecasted.
Welcome! Lots of 1026Rs here, nice upgrade.
Glad you found us are going to be amazed at what that tractor will do. As for "new hobby"... the more you use it and see what I'm talking about....the more you start looking into other attachments etc. for all the potential stuff you are now capable of doing so much easier and faster. I just wish I had bought one years ago. :thumbup1gif:
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Nice upgrade from a D170 to a 1026R. Welcome.
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