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A receiver hitch that works.

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Like everyone else I bought the generic receiver hitch from Northern Tool. Well, to my dismay, I was not happy with it. The big problem is once you have the hitch at the correct height the 3pt is not all the way up. This now provides the trailer tongue to be able to lift if the load becomes unbalanced. I gave away the purchased unit and made this one. It is way more versitile and safer.


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I have experienced this with my dump trailer on occasion and am really glad I went this route. I still have all the adustablity and functionality I need. I just didn't like the idea of chains. I can now swap, very quickly, the dump trailer with other attachments (box blade) when doing dirt work. Works great.

Well, after seeing other members Heavy Hitches and since I have newly acquired suitecase weights, I thought I would upgrade my receiver hitch by adding a couple of tapped bosses. Oh, and I freshened up the whole hitch with a fresh coat of JD yellow paint. Here is the new addition.


You are correct Oh Great Wise One, it is straight from Deere. It is the bracket for the front. I figured if I couldn't run the bracket out front in the winter (cause of the front quick hitches) I would make use of it out back. I will mount it up front in the good ole summer time.
I like the weights. Is that a stock Deere weight holder? I don't remember seeing one that takes 7 weights, seems like it's always an even number.... :confused:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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