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Above ground aluminum pool/saltwater system corrosion

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Hi all,

We are about to have an aluminum semi-inground pool built, plan is to use a saltwater system for chlorination

I’m going to ask my electrician to ground and bond it, and we are installing a sacrificial anode somewhere in the plumbing of it (Pool Defender)

Can anyone comment - doing the right things can I protect this pool from corrosion?

I have read various articles that chlorinated water itself without salt can cause corrosion, maybe salt not the culprit, muriatic acid can be implicated; some say no relation, others swear there is a relation. Salt concentration relatively low in these systems.
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I don't find the monitoring of pool chem levels effort really any different with a salt water pool. Only thing is checking the salt level as reported by the SWG (salt water chlorine generator). SWG pools use different target levels of CYA (stabilizer) and FC (free chlorine) than non-SWG. Trouble Free Pools forum ideal pool levels is your friend along with their Pool Math calculators (web or app).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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