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1999 JD GT235 w/54" deck; 1999 JD 4100HST w/410 loader; 2014 Grasshopper 930D w/72" deck
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I wanted something I could mount to the back of my MCUT to carry misc tools I might need while trimming trees, hauling logs, digging dirt or most ANY chore. There are several companies that sell tractor-specific boxes & tray carriers but most of them are stupid crazy expensive. I knew I could make something better myself - for a LOT less. I just had to find the right box to start with. There are dozens of tool boxes out there: steel, aluminum, alloys, and obviously plastics of various compositions / thicknesses. I selected Dewalt for its brand reputation and my previous experience with other tool caddies from them. This rolling tool box caddy is the bee's knees. It is HUGE, sturdy, and the built-in wheels & collapsible pull handle makes bringing this to the jobsite or and emergency a breeze. Only negative is that I wish the box walls were a little thicker. My biggest challenge was figuring out how to make the tool box mountable to the tractor.

After looking around the web at how others had tackled similar projects, I ended up mounting a piece of 1/8" thick 1"x36" steel bar to the ROPs and had to do some figuring on how to make the box securely mountable and still quickly accessible. I found a piece of 1" thick UHMW that was 3"x8" and cut it in half; offsets the toolbox far enough off of the hanging frame to allow the lid to fully open without hitting the ROPs. I found locking latch clamps on Amazon (3 pk (2000lbs) Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps), where I also bought the toolbox (Dewalt 28" rolling tool caddy) and bolted them to the back of the tool box. The whole unit now locks onto the back of my MCUT, yet is easily unlocked to wheel wherever I need it.

The toolbox is cavernous; swallows up about anything you could ever want or need to haul with you. I'll be carrying mostly hand tools & towing gear, no power tools... although I'm sure it would carry them just as well. An included insert tray is handy for smaller items.
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