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Adding additional SCV's to JD 4720

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I have searched the archives and find nothing that quite addresses my issue described below. Something similar on a JD 3720 mod but from the discussion it is plumbed much differently from the 4720.

I have a 2007 JD 4720 with power beyond and the standard dual SCV.
I want to add some additional SCV's. I know that I can put on the 3rd SCV kit (LVB25513) and the 4th and 5th SCV electric diverter kit (LVB26077) and get three rear SCV's out of the mod.

My question is with the power beyond has anyone put on a spooler valve on the power beyond hydraulics to get the extra control valves that way. They would have to be open valves similar to what is on the backhoe. If a bank of open hydraulic valves were plumbed into the output of the power beyond and returned the same way it seems that could be a viable method of gaining what I am looking for. It may not be viable economically or technically versus the JD kits but if doable would leave the front end SCV usable at the same time.

Any ideas or experience in this area.
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Kenny walked me through this on here for my 4520. I have not done it yet, but its on here.
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