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Adjusting the RIO Hall sensor 1025R

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The long PTO shaft for the front PTO required replacement on my 1025R, and when it was put back together, the RIO would kill the tractor when put into reverse - The same problem that has been discussed in a number of threads on this site. I did a lot of searching for adjusting the RIO sensor on this forum, but came up empty handed. I purchased my 2013 1025R used in 2018, and never had an issue wth the RIO.

Our church had also purchased a 1025R for snow removal in 2018 after we had paid $7,200 the previous year for snow removal, and it as been a great purchase. But I recalled when we first started using the tractor, I needed to depress the PTO switch when backing up. I mentioned this to the JD tech when he stopped by to adjust something else, and he took care of the problem by using a zip tie as a feeler gauge between the sensor and the PTO shaft. That was four years ago, so I thought I'd give it a try. He had done it without removing the snowblower.

I backed the front wheels up on ramps to give better access to the PTO shaft and sensor. It was only necessary to loosen two of the nuts on the bolts securing the Hall effect sensor bracket, which were also securing one of the front bearings. A 17 mm ratcheting wrench worked very well. I put the zip tie in place, adjusted the bracket, and tightened the nuts. The zip tie was then removed.

I started blowing snow, and held my breath a bit when I first backed up. But low and behold, the tractor did not kill when going into reverse without the need of the RIO override. The rest of the snowblowing went well.

For those of us seasonally swapping out a snowblower, it is very easy to check the gap to do the adjustment when the snowblower is going on, or coming off. .

Purhaps this is covered in the JD 025R technical manual, which I do not have.

Just wanted to share this option for anyone dealing with the RIO issue.

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That's what the RIO is for, to keep the PTO running while using the Snowblower. If you look, there is no RIO for your MMM. Its designed that way

TBH I just use a wooden cloths pin under my PTO switch to keep the PTO running while using my blower. I didn't care about installing and wiring the RIO for the blower
I am glad your 1026r is blowing snow and everything works with how the entire process started. But, a little patience, some hitch and component knowledge and careful research, the right parts and away you go.......or should I say "went".......since it now works....... (y)
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